Mezőtúr has a lot to offer for the visitors like its’ history, cultural and artistic traditions. Choose our hotel for a place of active relaxation.

Sightseeing in the area

Mezőtúr is located on Hungary’s The Great Plain, next tot he Hortobágy-Berettyó.

Its’ name comes from the river Túr. Lajos Nagy gave the agricultural town title and the lily symbol to Mezőtúr.

In front of the Hotel, there is the Town Hall that was built in 1928. From the Town Hall’s tower you can see our town’s beautiful scenery: Református Nagytemplom, Casino, The high school buildings, Town Gallery, Róómai Katolikus Templom and little further there is the Újvárosi Református Templom which was built from bricks made in Mezőtúr. The statues of WW I and WWII, the Kossuth-statue, King Nagy Lajos’s statue and the Dózsa György statue show a little of Hungary’s history. In front of the Town Hall, the Kossuth square can be found. Musical fountain and light shows entertain our locals and visitors.

We should not forget about mentioning Mezőtúr’s pottery. In the Túri Fazekas Múzeum you can see a great representation of our history with pottery. The Badár Emlékház holds a memorial exhibition of our greatest potter Badár Balázs.

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